5 Gallons BPA Free Bottle

Our most popular product

3 Gallons BPA Free Bottle

Perfect for small spaces

3 Gallons Glass Bottle

Enjoy the purity of the taste of Aguavida

Hot and cold water Dispenser

Easy and fast!

Ceramic Crock

Our best seller

Metallic stand and valve

Easy system with non - spill valve

Alkaline Premium Water

8.5 - 9.5 pH

Aguavida is an incomparable water, absolutely ultra pure with a high pH and a hint of minerals, characteristics that make it simply perfect to maintain a body healthy and full of energy.

How much you should drink

Let´s do the math

The quantity of water that you should consume daily is relative to your body weight, that’s why “For every 18 pounds you should consume one 8oz  glass of pure water”

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