About Us

Refill - Reuse - Rehydrate

We love pure water as much as we love clean oceans

Do you have only one purpose in your life? We bet you don’t. We at Aguavida have multiple ones as well! we want to diminish the plastic consumption and the environmental food print, we put all our efforts to keep people hydrated with the best water, we strive to reinvent the bulk water business and because our learning process never stops we have a short term goal to help communities without access to clean water.

Our Top Mission

We love pure water as much as we love clean oceans, that´s why we at Aguavida Premium Water strive to treat and bring the best water to our customers in the way that is also best for the environment . Our mission is to provide premium and alkaline water with a hint of minerals at a reasonable price, with eco – friendly solutions using local production and local distribution.

Our Story

A Little About Us

Since 2012 Aguavida Premium Water strives to reinvent the water business. We believe that you deserve the best water quality, but the environment should not pay a price for it.

Reuse. Refill. Rehydrate

We belive in Local businesses and those that are making a difference

Meet our partners

We are a highly and uniquely qualify team of engineers, technicians and designers, who brings engineering and product development for a blue planet.