Sudsource L.A. Reuse. Refill. Rehydrate with Aguavida

Kathleen owns an organic, eco-friendly body care company here in L.A. called Sudsource. The store offers refills of its products to reduce single-use packaging waste. Kathleen is always looking for ways to make healthier and sustainable choices for herself and her family. Aguavida premium alkaline water, the water of her choice, with its 22 oz reusable bpa free water bottle to avoid single-use plastic to end up in our landfill and ocean.

There are 50 billion water bottles consumed every year ( worldwide ) and 80% of the water bottles we buy end up in landfills, the absolute worst place for them to be. That means roughly for every 10 bottles we drink, only two end up in the recycle bin.

She says: “Health, wellness & sustainable practices that protect our environment are extremely important to me and my family. We’ve been enjoying Aguavida water delivery for a year and ½. We’re drinking the amount of water we need to stay hydrated and I’ve noticed an improvement in our overall health. This helps us keep up with the demands of both our family and professional lives; we couldn’t be happier!”

Be awesome! Reuse. Refill. Rehydrate.



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