What’s this Homeopath’s Secret to a Healthier and Toxin-Free Life?

Toxins are present in almost everything we drink, eat, and use. It’s essential to educate ourselves about the importance of impurities in the things our body consumes.

Let’s go “Back to Basics” with Ashleigh Frager to explore what it really means to lead a toxin-free life. Find out how Aguavida Premium Alkaline Water can help you lead a green, toxin-free, health-friendly lifestyle.


Ashleigh Frager, the founder of Back to Basics, a company that not only delivers to you boxes with toxin-free daily life essentials but also educates people about what it actually means to lead a green, toxin-free, health-friendly lifestyle. One of their aims is to break it down nice and easy for you to show which toxins to avoid in order to make the biggest positive impact on your health.

What inspired Ashleigh? She began her career as a homeopath, studying for her Doctorate in Homeopathy. Once she began practicing, she was astonished at how many cases she encountered of people unknowingly making themselves sick through exposure to many environmental toxins. Ashleigh educates people that “we are all aware that product labels can be very misleading, and was deterred by how many supposedly ‘green’ products she wanted to share with her clients were actually every bit as harmful as the ones she was helping them steer clear of.” Thus the idea of Back to Basics was born!.

While Ashleigh continues to lead and educate people about a green, toxin-free, health-friendly lifestyle, she also makes it one of her top priority to drink Aguavida Premium Alkaline Water that’s free from impurities and pesticides. When Ashleigh is at home she enjoys her 3-Gallon glass container of Aguavida Alkaline Water that maintains the water properties and flavor, as it offers unparalleled purity and preserves Aguavida premium alkaline water’s true taste as well as the fact that it’s 100% recyclable. They don’t leach potentially harmful chemicals when in contact with water.

When Ashleigh steps out in the sunny LA weather, she always remembers to carry her 24 oz. Hot and Cold Glass Reusable Bottle so she always stays hydrated the natural and pure way.

Here is what Ashleigh told us why she´s in love with Aguavida Premium Water? “Water is such a vital part of our lives but the water that is readily available to us through tap has too many contaminants to be safe or healthy to drink.

Unfortunately, most bottled and filtered water poses the same issue. Aguavida gives us the perfect solution to this issue!  Aguavida provides all of the best and most essential qualities of water without any of the harmful contaminants.

It is pure, clean, balanced, and alkaline, just as water should be!”So, what’s the magic behind Aguavida’s Premium and Alkaline Water? Our water is treated through the world’s best reverse osmosis system, which eliminates 99% of dissolute solids, heavy metals, pesticides and chlorine. Next, our process reintroduce the minerals naturally found in water  (calcium, potassium and magnesium) creating a perfect water for a healthy body full of energy.



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