3 Gallon Glass Bottle Premium Alkaline water 8.5 – 9.5 pH enhanced with a hint of minerals

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$17.99 every 4 weeks and a $28.99 sign-up fee

Glass is the best material to maintain water properties and flavor!

Sing-up Fee: The Sign-up fee is a Bottle deposit fee, bottle fee: $28.99 per bottle. 100% refundable upon service cancellation.

Minimum monthly order: 2 bottles.


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3 Gallon Glass Bottle

Alkaline Water Delivery Service in Greater Los Angeles

3 Gallon Glass Bottle is the best material to maintain water properties and flavor, it offers unparalleled purity and preserves Aguavida premium alkaline water’s true taste.

Glass containers don’t pose harmful risks to environmental or personal health. They don’t leach potentially harmful chemicals when in contact with water.

Also using Aguavida Premium’s 3 Gallon Glass Bottle rather than plastic significantly reduces landfill. It also saves energy on plastic’s inefficient recycling and manufacturing process.

Why Aguavida Premium Alkaline Water?

Aguavida Alkaline water has numerous benefits to the body. It is known to balance the natural pH of the body by offsetting the acidic conditions of the stomach. It also triggers a natural detoxification and antioxidant reaction in the body for ultra hydration.

*For more information see our water quality report

Additional Information:

  • Volume size: 5 gallon – 18.92 liter
  • Bottle size: 10.75″ Diameter x 19.5″ Height
  • Cap size: 55 mm crown cap
  • BPA free

Please see more info in our terms and conditions.

Sing-up Fee: The Sign-up fee is a Bottle deposit fee, which is refunded upon return of empty bottles, bottle fee: $24.99 per bottle.

No Contracts: There are no contracts and the service can be canceled or paused at any time. Are you going out of town? No problem just pause your account, are you moving out of state? no problem you can cancel your account.

Need More/less Water: Are you drinking a lot of water? And need more bottles for your next delivery? don’t worry we won’t keep you thirsty just add more bottles to your water account, need lees water for your next delivery? don’t worry you can ask for less water at any time, remember the minimum order is 3 bottles per month.

pH Expiration:

Aguavida Alkaline Water has a pH of 8.5-9.5 that lasts for more than 3 months (different from ionized water Which only last for 24 hours) Aguavida reintroduces good minerals back to the water: Calcium, Potassium, and Magnesium.

Billing Period

Billing Every 2 weeks, Billing Every 4 Weeks

Delivery Period

Every 2 weeks, Every 4 Weeks

4 reviews for 3 Gallon Glass Bottle Premium Alkaline water 8.5 – 9.5 pH enhanced with a hint of minerals

  1. Debbiellush (verified owner)

    Excellent customer service and communication. I used to fill up my own bottles at a machine they had at a local store. When that store changed providers, I looked these guys up because not only is the water delicious, but I remembered how they handled a service issue that I had. I was thrilled to find that they had home delivery.

  2. Monica Yoga

    This is the best water in LA, I get my delivery every 2 weeks and I don’t have to worry about running out of water, I love the purity and the taste is great from the glass bottle.

  3. Katherine Terrell (verified owner)

    Love our water delivery from Aquavida Premium Water. We order the glass bottles, which is very important to us. Not many companies offer water delivery in glass, which IMO is preferable to plastic. We switched from tap to this for the reverse osmosis and alkaline PH. Love it and highly recommend it.

  4. laura Todd

    My husband and I have been enjoying the convenience and taste of Aguavida Water. We feel the smooth difference and trust benefits!

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