Diabetes, Stroke, Breast Cancer, and Heart Disease- The Killer Four!

Slip into your running shoes and join Aguavida Premium Water partner up with the Run4Care on October 7th, 2017 at the Crystal Springs Picnic Area in Griffith Park to fight against: Diabetes, Stroke, Breast Cancer, and Heart Disease!

Diabetes, Stroke, Breast Cancer, and Heart Disease- these are the killer four illnesses that cause worldwide effects. Every year, millions of women are diagnosed with these life-threatening illnesses as high medical and hospital expenses ensue. Many of these women do not have the sufficient funds or means.

So, they need assistance with insurance co‐payments, treatment‐related travel, mental health care, meals, lodging and basic living expenses, but many of them tend to be too afraid or embarrassed to ask their friends or family for help.

The Run4Care 5k/10k run & family fun festival mission is to raise money for the care and support of women who are facing one of the 4 top health issues: Diabetes, Stroke, Breast Cancer, and Heart Disease. This family event is an excellent example of communities from various locations that come together to participate in raising awareness and funds to help those that need it.


Run4Care is a growing team that is committed to helping women get medical, financial, and psychological assistance that they need to overcome and cope with the obstacles of Diabetes, Stroke, Breast Cancer, and Heart Disease. The money raised will also benefit Pink Lotus Foundation, that provide screening, treatment, and other services for women with low income with no or insufficient insurance. Among the beneficiaries are the American Diabetes Association, and American Heart/Stroke Association.

Remember, our hearts are 79% water so it’s essential to hydrate yourself with the purest water. Give your body what it deserves, whether you’re a cancer survivor or not. So, don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of something amazing and raise awareness and support Run4Care. Aguavida will be there refilling and re-hydrating runners with our alkaline water. Can’t make it to the race day? No problem! You can also help by sporting their trendy supporting shirts that you can find in their “swag store.

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