Ocean Hero, Katherine Terrell in Action!

Earth’s largest ecosystems are the oceans. The ocean serves as Earth’s biggest life support systems. According to Marine Conservation Institute, oceans generate half of the oxygen people breathe and more than 97% of the world’s water resides in oceans. So, it’s pretty safe to say that the oceans are well over vital for all of humankind.

According to National Geographic, our oceans will have more plastic than fish by 2050 because more than 91% of plastics being produced worldwide are not being recycled! Now is the time we need: local, national, worldwide leaders and citizens to take action and become that hero our beautiful Earth and ocean needs.

We found one local hero who is making a difference everyday and that’s our Malibu’s Katherine Terrell! Designer, surfer, ocean lover, mom, Aguavida Water lover, and activist, Katherine, is the creator of Jeux De Vagues. Her swimsuit brand believes that quality is the sum of choices you make. The solid fabrics are made with ECONYL®, a 100% regenerated nylon fiber made from pre- and post-consumer materials. The printed fabrics are made from recycled water bottles. From the fair labor factory in Los Angeles where the bikinis are made, to the dissolvable, fully biodegradable hangtags, Jeux aims to be beneficial for both people and the planet. They are committed to giving back to the environment, and are a proud member of 1% For The Planet.

We sat down with Katherine and asked her a few vital questions and in return we got back inspirational answers!

Why recycled Nylon?

Women’s swimwear was revolutionized with the introduction of nylon fibers, as opposed to wool. But nylon is made from fossil fuels, a non-renewable resource. The nylon we use is ECONYL®, which is a fiber that can be regenerated over and over without loss in quality. In its ideal form, an old bikini that has reached the end of its use can be given back and regenerated again into new fibers for a new bikini. This is still in the pilot phase for the makers of ECONYL®. It would be great if this example of a circular fashion system is perfected and can be leveraged by brands like Jeux De Vagues that care about closing the loop.”

What encouraged you take action?

“I’ve always been environmentally minded. For me, I see it as being of service to the world. I’ve always felt that it’s my responsibility to be a steward of the earth.”

How important is it for people to reduce the use of their plastic consumption?

“It’s very important to change how we consume. We need to refuse single-use plastic, whether it’s bags, straws, or bottles. But it is also very important to take action politically. We can vote with our dollars, but it is essential that we vote for mayors, representatives, senators, and presidents who are pro-environment. We need to show up at marches and rallies. It doesn’t end with driving an electric car or putting solar on your roofs.”

How do you like drinking Aguavida Premium Alkaline Water?

“I could really taste the difference. It definitely has more minerals. I used to drink tap water. I love that Aguavida uses the Reverse Osmosis (RO) system. To me, glass is very important which is why I get mine in 3-Gallon glass bottles. The Home/Office Delivery service makes it really convenient for me. And I also love the fact that Aguavida practices responsibly. I am very happy to be your customer!”

Katherine makes those small changes everyday that has long-term affects not only on her health but also to in our environment. She is an avid Aguavida Alkaline Water consumer and gets her 3-Gallon glass bottles delivered right to her home. By reusing and reducing the use of plastic or bottled water, she is avoiding the consumption of harmful chemicals in bottles such as Bisphenol A (BPA) and leaving the ocean clean, one less bottle at a time.

Join Katherine, the host of Surf + Brunch series and many women like her to see how YOU can make a difference:

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