This true Angelina is changing her community in so many ways that you should read this!

This true Angelina and water lover is one of our favorite ones! The charming smile and enthusiastic energy of this young entrepreneur captivated us! Maria Lopez is a true Angelina who acknowledges her roots and cultural heritage. She knows the importance of hard work but also self care, bringing a remarkable authenticity to her business, entrepreneurial endeavors, philanthropist projects but most importantly to herself and her loved ones.

angelina at candela la breaCandela La Brea is spreading the love with this Amazing mural created by Teddy Kelly

Maria is the mind behind Candela la Brea, a local hot – spot in Miracle mile. A Taco Bar-lounge and venue for the trendiest events in Los Angeles. An Angelina born and raised! from immigrant Mexican parents, her Mexican legacy is a vital part of her business development and persona. Maria transitioned out of the real state business to create Candela la Brea, a place like LA, full of rich flavors and joyful people. She conceived the concept behind Candela, took over her family patrimony and business and designed the complete space, creating a place where locals could get traditional home-made Mexican recipes (straight from her mother’s cocina), and enjoy tasty cocktails.

But besides the amazing food and drinks that you can get here, Maria produces large-scale events at her 16,000 Sq.Ft space, Candela was designed to offer a unique setting for special events, Her list of clients include Google, YouTube, Disney, Cirque du Soliel, Universal Music, NBC, Space X, pandora media and The Getty Museum to name a few.  She not only cares for these big brands events, but also she uses her space for hosting cultural and philanthropist local events.

Candela la brea

This Aguavida water lover cares for two great problems in the world, mental health awareness and access to clean water, her work with these subjects has bring Maria to different scenarios. She is the president of Amanecer Community Counseling Services a a non-profit organization that focuses on providing culturally competent, accessible, high-quality mental health care for the under-served adults, children, and families of Los Angeles who suffer from mental illness or severe emotional problems.

Also in 2018 she launched Well Aware a bracelet jewelry line for mindful women made by Mexican artisans, Her gorgeous bracelets are created in the town that holds Mexico’s oldest silver mines, Taxco, Guerrero, Mexico. With the sell of each piece, Maria and Well Aware are committed to supporting clean water initiatives, a cause dear to Maria’s heart, having had parents that once were those children fetching water for survival in rural Mexico.

That’s why we admire Maria! a young entrepreneur who knows the importance of having access to clean water and help communities to get access to it, is a special one! We strive to deliver to Maria and her business the best water in LA, not only because she is a community driving women, who could take a business model to the next level, but also because she cares about her physical and mental heath, the health of her employees, and her family.

Maria knows the importance of self care and as an advocate of self love and self care, she knows the importance of drinking pure alkaline water, get resting moments and enjoy moments out of her hectic schedule,  as Eleanor Brownn said : “ Rest and self-care are so important, when you take time to replenish your spirit, it allows you to serve others from the overflow. You cannot serve from an empty vessel.”  Maria is a great example of a young woman entrepreneur and true Angelina that knows the value of taking care of herself so she can take care of others!

Help Maria and Amanecer to empower change!

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