Money & Women, How this Los Angeles mama is helping women and families thrive in their lives and communities; creating more money, time, and energy to spend on things that matter, like beach trips!

Money & women! The subject This mama and water lover wants to discuss with you!

Marie is a transplant to LA from rainy Seattle, and has worked hard to create a community and extended family in the place she and her twin boys call home. Born the child who preferred pennies in the piggy bank over trips to the candy store (and the dentists’ office!),  Marie’s mission is to grow wealth for her clients with all of their assets – money, time, and energy – so they have more of everything to enjoy themselves, their family and friends, and the wonders of Southern California. Marie graduated from college and started out in a job that left her feeling lonely in such a big city, and so she set out to create a career and life that brought together everything that was important to her. 

Today, Marie is proud to consider Modern Assets “the anti robo-advisor”, where technology is leveraged to enable her to connect with her clients in the most old-fashioned ways, whether that’s over a cup of coffee and a bowl of homemade ice cream, a hike in Baldwin Hills, or a beach cleanup with other water lovers.

Marie cares about our planet and our people, and helps her clients invest in a way that aligns with their values. For water lovers, this might mean avoiding companies that contribute to global warming, water pollution and runoff in our lakes, streams, and rivers. She has also learned in life and business that the best solution to almost any problem is to start where you are. Whether you live in Culver City or Studio City, we all call ourselves Angelenos, and her mission is to support the Los Angeles community, as a consumer and an investor through her firm, Modern Assets.  As a social enterprise, her mission with Modern Assets is to contribute a percentage of profits to a fund that invests in undeserved communities and businesses that promote sustainability throughout Los Angeles. In this way, Modern Assets seeks to grow wealth for their clients and community, and leave the world a little better than they found it.

That’s why we love to service Marie, a busy mama and entrepreneur helping her community and disrupting the concept of Money & Women!

Alkaline water

Why do you drink Aguavida?

I drink Aguavida because it’s clean, refreshing, tasty water! I was looking for an alternative to the mineral heavy water I was drinking that was trucked all the way from Arkansas! After trying lots of different companies, Aguavida was the perfect combination of taste, sustainability, and excellent customer service.

What’s the main benefit you receive from Aguavida ?

Aguavida is an opportunity for me to align my values with my money. I  love that I can find excellent tasting water that’s good for my health, my family, and my planet, all from a Los Angeles- based company. It’s exactly the type of company Modern Assets seeks to support and help thrive! 

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