“Starve your Distractions, Feed your Focus”

Renowned composer trains his mind to focus better through hydration. Aguavida Premium Alkaline Water hydrates you more than regular water to help your mind focus more. Ever had those “brain farts” or seem to lose your “train of thought” in the middle of a conversation? Can’t seem to just focus on anything? It’s most likely...
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Heading to the Beach this Weekend?

Avoid being rough on your skin with all the sunburns and drying out your body through dehydration. Aguavida has got you covered with tips and information to make sure you have fun while you go to the beach avoiding the nasty  sunburns!  Who doesn’t love going to the beach? The beach is where the ocean...
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What’s this Homeopath’s Secret to a Healthier and Toxin-Free Life?

Toxins are present in almost everything we drink, eat, and use. It’s essential to educate ourselves about the importance of impurities in the things our body consumes. Let’s go “Back to Basics” with Ashleigh Frager to explore what it really means to lead a toxin-free life. Find out how Aguavida Premium Alkaline Water can help...
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Here´s What This Celebrity Trainer Drinks Religiously

Every personal trainer is unique in their own way just as how every alkaline water is different from each other. Learn what makes Aguavida Premium Alkaline Water more superior than other brands.   Malcolm Martin, the founder of Road Work Fitness is a unique celebrity trainer, developing customized training and nutrition programs for artists on...
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Sudsource L.A. Reuse. Refill. Rehydrate with Aguavida

Kathleen owns an organic, eco-friendly body care company here in L.A. called Sudsource. The store offers refills of its products to reduce single-use packaging waste. Kathleen is always looking for ways to make healthier and sustainable choices for herself and her family. Aguavida premium alkaline water, the water of her choice, with its 22 oz...
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